Local Stories

A Tapas Bar with an Appeal to Tourists

A no-frills tapas bar near the downtown area is looking to appeal to tourists. They serve your typical dishes, but offer a special and delicious baked tilapia with potatos. They want to use their own photos, but need better descriptions of their bar and food. Last, the owner has no knowledge of website management, or social media. Their budget for a website is 800€

We design a one-page website with two languages, descriptions, and photos. KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid)

  • The website replicates the feel of the bar – while offering English & Spanish versions.
  • We highlight their special dish.
  • We translate their menu
  • Create a Facebook profile
  • Optimize their Google Maps details
  • Every six months the bar sends us information about an upcoming holiday event which we highlight on the website. They avoid overpaying for basic maintenance by having us check the site during the update.
  • We help manage their facebook account a few hours a month – adding events, interacting with comments, and more.

A Bicycle Store Looking for New Customers

A new bicycle store has just opened and wants to appeal to bicycling fanatics. They are a small team of mechanics and cycling enthusiasts who know some successful cyclists who want to highlight their professional repair skills and friendly customer service while focusing on inspiring young people to bike. Since they’re on Google Maps, and manage their own Facebook page we talk with them about the pros and cons of linking social media to their website.

The owners can benefit from a multi-page website offering a few things:

  • A home page to highlight sales, events, and sponsorships. (We have them use it as a blog to engage with their audience outside of facebook without all the distractions).
  • A Page describing their work, repair services, etc.
  • A profile of the business owners, and manager
  • We take photos of the store, and portraits of the owners and manager
  • A “Mission Statement” page about why kids should be involved with biking and the community events they do with them.